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The Chicken is an innovative, sustainable test kitchen from SuperMeat. It is the world’s first farm-to-fork facility developing a cultivated chicken directly from chicken cells.

The inviting space contrasts warm and organic design elements with striking modern metal and glass – reflecting our innovative, yet sustainable, approach to food. Visitors can watch our food engineers and chefs in action, while overlooking the modern pilot plant where they can observe the meat cultivation process.

Cultivated chicken burgers sit at the heart of a seasonally-inspired menu of locally-grown, freshly-sourced dishes made by our team in the sleek open kitchen. All of our chicken is sustainable, eco- and animal-friendly. The Chicken is at the forefront of a food revolution to provide nutritional security, drastically reduce carbon emissions, and increase food safety worldwide. 

* SuperMeat is at the development stage and is not yet commercial. We deeply believe in the need for transparency for consumers and food producers alike and to that aim set to showcase the full story of the manufacturing of SuperMeat chicken meat from chicken cell to chicken burger. “The Chicken” is our vehicle and platform to engage with anyone who is excited about cultivated meat and allow them to watch cultivated meat production first hand. 

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    The Chicken works on an invitation-only basis and complies with COVID restrictions and regulations. Once COVID restrictions allow so, applicants will be invited subject to the availability of tables.

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